Sustainable & Resilient Design

Deserts' products can assume many roles — design elements, durable utility, structural components — and performs them all with great economic value. Yet they also have characteristics that make them strong contributors to sustainable design, both intrinsically and purposefully as developed by Desert Block.

Take a look at the articles and resources below to see the benefits to green building provided by our products and the systems in which they are installed.

Desert Block Reduces Its Carbon Footprint

In another move toward meaningful contributions to sustainable design, Desert Block is reducing CO2 with a newly available cement.

Concrete Masonry: A Low Carbon Wall

Optimized cmu and grout minimize greenhouse gas impacts compared to other systems.

Designing for Resilience and Concrete Masonry

Resilient design is gaining momentum as a complementary focus to green building.

Efficiently Green

Products and systems contributing to green rating systems, while offering great efficiency, flexibility, economy, and safety benefit in multifunctioning systems.

Sustainability & Resiliency Rating Systems

The rating systems, guides, and code referenced in the Green Credits & Strategies section..

Systems & Products

Products applied to sustainable and resilient strategies.

Sustainability & Resiliency Credits & Strategies

Presented in sections that coincide with green building rating systems and standards, an overview of product applicability.

Download Sustainable & Resilient Design and Desert Block Products, updated for LEED® v4 and more.
Sustainable & Resilient Design