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Sustainable Design

Desert Block Products and Sustainable Design

(PDF) A summary of products with contributions to LEED® v4, LEED® v3, CHPS CriteriaTM, Green GlobesTM, and CALGreen.


Architectural Applications



CMU Colors & Textures

(PDF) Stock and special order colors and textures for cmu.

Pattern & Shadow CMU

(PDF) Design cmu for dynamic light, shade, and visual effect. Includes The Pixel Block.

Precision CMU

(PDF) Smooth-faced cmu.

Burnished CMU

(PDF) Ground-faced cmu produced by Angelus Block.

Shotblast CMU

(PDF) Textured cmu produced by Angelus Block.

Split Face CMU

(PDF) Rough, random textured, "rock-face" cmu.

SlumpstoneTM CMU

(PDF) Adobe-look cmu produced by Angelus Block.

Veneer & Composite CMU

(PDF) Cmu for use in veneer masonry or composite masonry. Includes code references.

Fleming Masonry Anchor System

(PDF) A veneer seismic anchoring system.

Spec Mix Preblended Mortars

(PDF) Mortar for masonry, IWR, and Stone Veneer mortar.

Spec Mix IWR Mortar Data Sheet

(PDF) Specific information for Integral Water Repellent mortar.



04 22 00 Concrete Unit Masonry (docx)

04 22 00 Concrete Unit Masonry for DSA/OSHPD Projects (docx)

04 22 00.13 Concrete Unit Veneer Masonry (docx)

Specification References:

Notes to AIA MasterSpec 042000

(PDF) Important items to know when using AIA MasterSpec 042000 as the template specification for projects located in Southern California.




Articles and Code References


Site Applications - Masonry Fence Walls

Proto IITM Wall Systems

(PDF) Post tension masonry fences for high value; includes the new 4-inch Proto II fence for interior lot separation walls.

Lot Separation Fencing

(PDF) A holistic comparison between Proto II and vinyl - a must read!


LA Research Report No. 25183

(PDF) City of Los Angeles RR covering Proto II Wall Sytems.

Desert Block Downloads for Professionals